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Yousuf Ataur-Rehman

MBA 2024
Yousuf Ataur-Rehman1.jpg

Yousuf Ataur-Rehman is an MBA candidate at Yale School of Management with experience in sustainability & decarbonization strategy consulting. I aspire to merge engineering, business, and environmental science to build sustainable systems that drive equitable wealth generation. He is experienced in designing environmental business strategy in the fields of energy generation, transmission, & distribution, packaging & circular economy, agriculture & land-use biodiversity, green financing, raw materials sourcing, and manufacturing. 

Yousuf is a teaching assistant for the Financing & Deploying Clean Energy certificate in the Tech Transitions course! I have a background in sustainability consulting working primarily in circular economy strategies, and prior to that  graduated with a degree in electrical & computer engineering from Duke. He is pursuing an MBA at Yale to explore other ways to make an impact in the green economy.

Yousuf is always up for conversations around financing green transitions, land regeneration, alt-proteins, urban planning, and perovskite solar.  In my free time he enjoys rowing with Yale Graduate Crew, watching Survivor, playing folk music, and scamming time to play with my friends' pets!