Tushar Agarwal

Master of Biomedical Innovation and Development Candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology

Tushar Agarwal is attending Georgia Institute of Technology to focus on medical device development. He plans to intersect biomedical device engineering, healthcare, and business development with cross-disciplinary coursework and relevant clinical experience from the Atlanta hospital network.

At Yale, Tushar worked in the Cellular and Molecular Physiology lab with Dr. Vincent Pieribone on developing viable probes in specific visual spectrum ranges that would open new possibilities for labeling tissues and organs in humans and performing various neurosurgeries in live mice for acute and chronic studies. After two years, he shifted to the Biomedical Engineering lab with Dr. Mark Saltzman to construct and deliver nanoparticles and assess drug efficiency in rodents.

Tushar holds a BA in neuroscience from Vassar College, where his interest in novel discovery led him to start various projects. He developed comprehensive approaches to examine effects of “greener” pesticides, proposed biological approaches to evaluate evolution using robots, and collaborated with IBM on fuel cell membranes.

Outside his academic career, this neuroscientist turned biomedical engineer has started his own non-profit that focuses on the social determinants of health in underserved communities. He works to blend the dichotomy of aesthetics seen in everyday collegiate campuses with the surrounding underrepresented communities.

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