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Serena Pozza

Manager, Healthy Materials & Strategy at DSM-Niaga
MBA 2018
Master of Environmental Management 2018
Serena Pozza

Serena is currently a Manager, Healthy Materials & Strategy at DSM-Niaga. She is passionate about circular economy and materials health and has expertise in plastics' impact on health and the environment, toxicology, waste management, and system thinking.

Serena graduated with a joint MBA/MEM from Yale in 2018, where she specialized in industrial ecology and green design. She was particularly interested in issues that lie at the intersection of human health and the environment, and in particular about materials’ health and toxicology. As part of her degree requirements, Serena completed two internships: in 2017, she worked as Summer Associate at McKinsey & Company, where she focused on agriculture and resource productivity; in 2016 she worked at Unilever as Circular Economy Intern in the Information and Analytics Sustainable Business department. There, she generated insights through production and lifecycle data and presented 5 business cases for Unilever to push their circular economy agenda forward.

Prior to studying at Yale, Serena worked as Manager at the World Economic Forum, where she researched how companies bring about innovation leapfrogging by partnering with other small or large enterprises. Serena also worked at the European Commission, where she researched renewable energy regulations and non-tariff barriers in China.

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