Satwik Mudgal

Master of Environmental Management  2019

Satwik is a Master of Environmental Management candidate at Yale, class of 2019. He is focusing on Finance and Sustainability with a keen interest in impact investing and corporate sustainability. Most recently he was working at the Yale Student Managed Investment Fund after having worked at Nestlé on its sustainability efforts, especially around circular economy, stakeholder engagement while focusing on the emerging issues of plastics in the ocean and extended producer responsibility. He was managing an Industry-wide multi-lateral partnership on the behalf of Nestlé on the plastics in the oceans issue under the New Plastic Economy Initiative of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Prior to Yale, he has worked at the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India, a leading think-tank in SE Asia – Centre for Science and Environment, New Delhi followed by working at the Yale Center for Industrial Ecology and an environmental consulting – SustainAbility in San Francisco, US. He has also written regularly for one of the most widely read environment and development magazines in SE Asia. At SustainAbility, he explored how well public companies are able to communicate their ESG risks to Investors as a part of their fiduciary responsibilities to publish a White Paper on Closing the Sustainability – Investor Relations Gap. Having worked at the Government, a Non-Profit, Consulting and a Corporate in Asia, Europe and the US, he has gradually come to believe that the Sustainability world and the Investor world need to come together to engineer technically and financially viable solutions.

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