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Sam Krasnow

Senior Advocate at Natural Resources Defense Council
Sam Krasnow

Sam is a Senior Advocate at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).  His regulatory and policy expertise spans federal, state, and regional policies to address global warming and promote energy efficiency, renewable energy, beneficial electrification, and distributed energy resources.  He has over 20 years of experience in both environmental advocacy and private sector roles working closely with utilities, industry associations, clean tech companies, policy makers, labor unions, and consumer groups.

As Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at FirstFuel Software, Inc. he partnered with the country’s largest utilities to design award-winning analytics-enabled initiatives on building efficiency and interactive energy audits.  

Prior to FirstFuel, Sam served as Federal Program Director and Attorney at Acadia Center (formerly ENE), where he architected some of the nation’s leading climate and efficiency laws and regulations.  He was the lead advocate for the successful passage of the Massachusetts’ Green Communities and Global Warming Solutions Acts of 2008 and Rhode Island’s Comprehensive Energy Act of 2006.  Subsequently, Sam was a Gubernatorial appointee in both Massachusetts and Rhode Island to the state’s Energy Efficiency Advisory Council’s, charged with planning and oversight of utilities’ statewide programs investing billions in efficiency improvements. 

Sam previously worked at VEIC/Efficiency Vermont, where he led an effort on innovative third-party financing to spur clean energy investments, and at The Boston Consulting Group, where he advised Fortune 100 companies on business strategy.  He was a founding Board Member of the Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) and has practiced in front of utility commissions in several states.   

Sam holds a JD from Yale Law School, a master’s degree in environmental management from Yale, and a BA in economics from Oberlin College.