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Ruth Metzel

Assistant Director at Global Warming Mitigation Project
MBA 2016
Master of Forestry 2016
Ruth Metzel

Ruth currently serves as Assistant Director of the Global Warming Mitigation Project (, where she works with their flagship program, the Keeling Curve Prize. Before that, she served as Executive Director and cofounder of the Azuero Eco Foundation (, where she now serves on the board. The Azuero Eco Foundation is an environmental organization dedicated to sustainable land management, reforestation, habitat restoration and environmental education on the Azuero peninsula of Panama. Ruth graduated from Yale in 2016 with a Master of Forestry from the Yale school of the Environment and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. Ruth has a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with concentrations in International Relations, Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies from Princeton University. Her research experience includes work on projects in Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and the United States.