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Ruth Metzel

Co-founder and Executive Director at Fundación Pro Eco Azuero / Azuero Eco Foundation
MBA 2016
Master of Forestry 2016
Ruth Metzel

Ruth currently serves as Executive Director of the Azuero Earth Project ( an environmental organization dedicated to sustainable land management, reforestation, habitat restoration and environmental education on the Azuero peninsula of Panama. Ruth graduated from Yale in 2016 with a Master of Forestry from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and an MBA from the Yale School of Management. Before pursuing her graduate studies, she served as the Azuero Earth Project’s first Program Director in Pedasi, Panama. Ruth has a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology with concentrations in International Relations, Latin American Studies and Environmental Studies from Princeton University. Her thesis “From Finca to Forest: Forest Cover Change and Land Use Management in Los Santos, Panama,” allowed her to combine her passion for the Latin American region, environmental issues, and public policy with her love of biological field research. Her environmental research experience includes work with projects in Panama, Honduras, Guatemala, Venezuela, and the United States.