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Runqin (Kelly) Xu

Product Marketing Manager at Domino Data Lab
MBA 2017
Master of Environmental Management 2017
Runqin (Kelly)  Xu

Kelly is currently a Product Marketing Manager at Domino Data Lab. She graduated from Yale with an MEM and MBA in 2017. She is particularly interested in using business solutions to solve environmental problems, with the help of innovative technology and effective policies. While at Yale, Kelly spent a summer as a Packard MBA Environment Fellow at California Environmental Associates where she helped a foundation client on a strategic freshwater initiative and conducted in-depth research and field visits to rural west China. Previously, she worked at the Supply Chain Sustainability group at EMC based in Massachusetts. She worked with suppliers in their social and environmental practices as well as in conflict minerals. She also served as the Vice President of Asian Circle at EMC. Kelly graduated from Wellesley College with a B.A. in Economics. She spent her junior year abroad at the London School of Economics. She grew up in Shanghai, China.