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Raghav Srivastava

Master of Environmental Management 2022
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I have lived and studied largely in New Delhi, India, and I hold a B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) joint undergraduate degree in law and social sciences, from the National Law School, Bengaluru. I also hold a basic mountaineering certification (‘A’ grade) from the National Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Dirang – which has been useful in my forays to the Indian Himalaya, for both work and recreation.
Prior to joining the MEM program at the Yale School of the Environment, I worked as a consultant for conservation non-profits and the UNDP, and a legal resource for environmental activism, across India. In this time, my focus was on increasing the procedural, linguistic and epistemic accessibility of law- and decision-making processes for vulnerable communities, through developing context-appropriate tools. Most of this work was embedded within conservation programs and organizations.
I also participated in an expedition to the western and trans-Himalaya as part of a National Geographic Explorers team, to map plastic presence in high-altitude lakes using drones and underwater robots. At YSE, I am focusing on acquiring knowledge and skills in the social sciences and policy analysis, to complement my foundational experience in environmental law and policy. I expect to receive a Master of Environmental Management in May 2022.