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Nathan Hall

President at Reclaim Appalachia
MBA 2017
Master of Environmental Management 2017
Nathan  Hall

Nathan is currently the president of Reclaim Appalachia, where he works on converting mining-impacted lands in Central Appalachia into a mix of commercially viable sustainable enterprises including agroforestry, aquaponics, renewable energy, and value-addedprocessing.

Nathan graduated from Yale with an MEM/MBA in 2017. A born-and-raised Appalachian, Nathan's ancestral roots reach back to the late 18th century in the remote coal mining mountains of Eastern Kentucky. Prior to attending Yale, Nathan was deeply involved in a number of initiatives focused on transitioning Appalachia toward a more ecologically and economically sustainable future, including reforestation of lands disfigured by mountaintop removal mining, development of local food systems, and community-scale renewable energy. As a graduate student he explored pathways to expand these efforts to a more impactful scale by leveraging diverse capital structures through philanthropy, private equity, and public debt, as well as through innovative land ownership and management structures. His work is focused on the coalfields of Appalachia with an interest in collaborative projects involving similar post-extraction regions around the world. He holds a self-designed BA in Sustainable Agricultural & Industrial Management from Berea College and is a 2010-2011 Watson Fellow.