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Moises Escobar

Analyst at Macquarie Group
Yale College 2020
Moises Escobar

Moises is a graduate of Yale College having studied Economics and Global Affairs. He has worked at CBEY as a writer for the Clean Energy Finance Forum. At Yale, he was a member of the Energy Studies Advisory Board and a Tobin Economics Research Assistant. Moises interned at the Yale Investments Office and led Dwight Hall’s socially-responsible investment fund. He has also worked at Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Saudi Aramco’s venture capital subsidiary, analyzing cleantech and Fourth Industrial Revolution companies. Moises grew passionate about energy and infrastructure issues after spending much of his life abroad and coming to understand the importance of these factors in a society’s development. Moises was born in Houston, Texas to Colombian parents and at the age of 11, moved to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. He later returned to the U.S. to attend Phillips Exeter Academy before finding his way to Yale. As a result of his background, Moises speaks English and Spanish with native fluency and is proficient in Arabic.

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