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Alumni, Visiting Mentors

Meaghan McGrath

VP of Product Development at Local Bounti
MBA 2016
Master of Environmental Management 2016
Meaghan M

Meaghan is the VP of Product Development at Local Bounti where she works on commercializing new products and business models. Since her time at Yale, Meaghan has worked for companies advancing innovative business models to scale more sustainable food production including Plenty and Agriculture Capital. Across her roles, Meaghan has focused on business strategy, partnerships and product development.

During her time at Yale SOM/FES, Meaghan worked for Patagonia’s internal venture capital and corporate development group and on Sonen Capital’s real assets investment team. She also

pursued her own research related to sustainable food and agriculture. Meaghan is a graduate of the 2022 International Fresh Produce Association's Leadership Development Program, was a 2016 Natural Products Expo West MBAssador and a finalist in the 2015 Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

Meaghan graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and received an MBA/MEM from Yale’s School of Management and School of Forestry and Environmental Studies in 2016. She lives in Idaho and spends her spare time skiing and exploring the mountains.

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