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Meaghan McGrath

Senior Strategy Associate at Agriculture Capital Management
MBA 2016
Master of Environmental Management 2016
Meaghan McGrath

Meaghan is a Senior Strategy Associate at Agriculture Capital Management. She is interested in developing solutions to improve environmental health and enhance natural resource management. At Yale, she studied approaches that help private and public enterprises profitably achieve environmental and social outcomes. She has a particular interest in utilizing financial tools to advance working landscapes and improve water resource management.

While at Yale, Meaghan interned with Patagonia where she helped manage $20 Million and Change, the company's internal VC fund and supported Patagonia's new business units. During her first summer at Yale, Meaghan interned with Sonen Capital, a socially and environmentally focused investment firm, identifying investment opportunities, analyzing industry trends, and conducting financial and impact due diligence. Prior to Yale, Meaghan worked at Blue Earth Consultants where she worked with nonprofits, private foundations, and state agencies to design, develop, and evaluate projects and programs with an emphasis on ocean and coastal resource management.

Meaghan graduated magna cum laude from the University of Colorado at Boulder where she earned a BA in Environmental Studies and a BA in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. As an undergraduate, Meaghan studied Amazonian resource management and human ecology in Belém, Brazil and interned at the Colorado Conservation Trust. In her spare time, Meaghan enjoys skiing, running, and general adventuring.