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Lisa Casseres Bechini

Senior Consultant at Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants
MBA 2004
Master of Environmental Management 2004
Lisa Casseres Bechini

Lisa is a joint MBA/MEM graduate with an interest in water finance. Since graduating from Yale, she has worked at Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants as a consultant to U.S. EPA and state environmental agencies. Her work has focused on helping states and the Federal government provide low-cost financing for water infrastructure and water quality improvements. She supports the State Revolving Fund programs and has also worked to develop and implement new innovative financing options for water infrastructure. She enjoys working at the intersection of environmental management, finance and policy, and in helping state and federal governments operate more efficiently and effectively.

From 2011 through 2014 she also worked as a volunteer management consultant for several nonprofits in the Washington DC area through Compass DC. She loved working with these organizations and hopes to restart her volunteering efforts when her children are a little older.