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Kristofer Holz

Vice President at Inclusive Prosperity Capital
MBA 2018
Master of Environmental Management 2018
Kristofer  Holz

Kris is the Vice President of Finance at Inclusive Prosperity Capital. Prior to that, he was an Associate in Strategy and Finance at Onyx Renewable Partners. He also worked as a Finance Intern at the Connecticut Green Bank. He graduated with an MBA/MEM from Yale in 2018. 

Kris spent the summer of 2016 with DBL Partners, a venture capital firm focused on impact investments. His work there focused on evaluating impact investment opportunities, and co-authoring a set of energy policy recommendations for the next presidential administration with Nancy Pfund, one of DBL’s managing partners. During the most recent summer, Kris began his work with the finance team at the Connecticut Green Bank. After school Kris will join General Electric’s Energy Financial Services group.

Prior to Yale Kris worked for the California Public Utilities Commission on natural gas policy, specifically on implementation of California’s Cap-and-Trade legislation as well as the utilities’ natural gas hedging activity. In 2014, he moved from the CPUC to SunEdison’s commercial-scale distributed generation business, where he managed risk evaluation.

Kris grew up in Oakland, California and was active in local politics there. He’s a fan of all things outdoors, with particular interests in snowboarding, horseback riding, and backpacking.