Kevin Park

Global Supply Manager at Apple
MBA  2017

Kevin Park is currently a Global Supply Manager at Apple. There, he is responsible for ramping optical sensing components of the new Face ID and  Watch (NPI), identifying strategic suppliers with RFI/RFP/RFQ process, and drafting and negotiating supply and commercial contracts. He also led mass-production of new iPad and iPad Pro display components and modules from Proof of Concept (POC) to Ramp and managed forecast, capacity planning, equipment and tooling kick-off, and risk-release process on key-components.

He graduated with an MBA from the Yale School of Management in 2017. As research assistant for CBEY, he worked on a renewable thermal technology project. His interest is in developing electric vehicle and energy storage system businesses to provide sustainable energy production and consumption to the world. For over six years prior to Yale, Kevin worked at LG Chem, the world’s leading supplier of rechargeable batteries. Starting as an engineer, Kevin developed battery management systems for electric vehicles for which he filed 45 patents. He was then selected to work in the business side working as product planning manager to develop the electric vehicle business globally. He led cross-functional teams to drive product strategies and initiatives to meet the global market requirements of electric vehicle programs and to generate new business opportunities. 

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