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Business Leaders

Keith Sutter

Senior Director, Supply Chain Strategy and Deployment at Johnson & Johnson
Keith  Sutter

Keith Sutter is the Senior Director, Supply Chain Strategy and Deployment at Johnson & Johnson. He established the Faster Forward team within J&J’s Supply Chain to drive a culture change to bemore innovative, customer-centric and end-to-end connected. To drive scale, Keith developed and managed an internal network of 80 trained facilitators to utilize design thinking principlesto tackle business critical problems leading to faster outcomes and learning for the Johnson &J ohnson (J&J) Supply Chain. Prior to this position, he was the WW Director, Sustainability and the Senior Product Director for Sustainable Brand Marketing at Johnson & Johnson, through which he led Johnson & Johnson’s 250 Operating Companies in developing sustainable products, business and marketing strategies. He translates the value of Johnson & Johnson’s extensive product stewardship and environmental successes to the company's trade customers and consumers, including championing the Earthwards® process.