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Kathryn Siegel

Air Toxics and Assessment Branch Chief at US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
MBA 2012
Master of Environmental Management 2012
Kathryn  Siegel

Kathryn has 14+ years of experience assuring environmental compliance and designing sustainability strategies. She is currently Air Toxics and Assessment Branch Chief at the EPA. There, she manages a staff of thirty environmental engineers and scientists. We partner with state, local,tribal, not-for-profit and industrial stakeholders to implement programs that reduce risk, saveenergy, improve indoor air quality and increase resiliency. We provide oversight of thecollection and quality assurance of data from over 800 regulatory air quality monitors operatedby 16 state, local and tribal air monitoring agencies and deploy advanced monitoring tools,including a mobile platform and low-cost sensors, to respond to community concerns. She graduated with an MBA from Yale in 2012.