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Karena Mahung

Senior Consultant at Indufor Ltd.
Master of Environmental Management 2016
Karena  Mahung

Karena Mahung is currently a Senior Consultant with Indufor, an independent international consulting group with companies in Finland, New Zealand, Australia and the United States. She consults for public and private sector clients internationally, providing services including project design, data collection, program evaluation, and qualitative and quantitative analysis related to forest and agricultural industry, governance, and policy. Her active areas include climate and conservation finance, natural capital valuation, community-based natural resource management, land tenure advisory, timber legality verification, environmental and development policy, bank and exchange ESG standards. She was previously an Executive Fellow at National Park Foundation, and she graduated with an MEM from Yale in 2016.

Prior to Yale, she worked with the Director of the Conservation Innovation Program at Harvard Forest on a case study on landscape scale conservation in the Schoodic region of Maine. She has also worked at the Massachusetts Audubon Society in the US as their Conservation Programs and Operations Intern, and the Toledo Institute for Development and Environment in Belize as their Communications and Fundraising Intern. She has also been a participant in the Yale Conservation Finance Camp led by the Center for Business and the Environment. Many of her professional experiences have focused on gaining theoretical and practical experience on the effective use of conservation finance tools and conservation strategies. Her interest is to develop this knowledge base in order to explore innovative ways these tools and strategies can be used in Latin America and the Caribbean and other developing regions. Originally from Belize, she graduated top of her program at the University of the West Indies in 2013 with a BSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Management.