Judith Amsalem

MBA  2018
Master of Environmental Management  2018
Judy is a second-year joint degree candidate. She hopes to use the skills gained from these two programs to work with corporations to develop sustainability plans that are consistent with their existing goals and incentives and benefit a triple bottom line. Her career and education thus far have been driven by the belief that in order to make large-scale progress on such vital issues as climate change, biodiversity loss, and freshwater availability, the private sector must be an active agent of change. This has inspired Judy to learn more about the legal, policy, and social factors influencing corporate decision-making, and how corporate social responsibility can be seen as an opportunity, not a sacrifice. This past summer Judy served as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow at Colgate-Palmolive, studying global manufacturing facility performance. Other professional experiences along this journey include two years at the Environmental Law Institute in Washington, DC, where Judy helped build the Private Environmental Governance program, and a year founding the Development Department of a food-focused business incubator called Union Kitchen.
Judy holds a B.S. in Natural Resources with concentration in Resource Policy and Management from Cornell University, where she also served as the coxswain of the Varsity Women's Rowing team for 4 years.
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