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Jorrit Becking

Master of Environmental Management 2025
Jorrit Becking.jpg

Jorrit is currently enrolled in the Master of Environmental Management ’24, where he is specializing in the relation between business and the environment, and particularly interested in the fields of climate resilient investing and climate finance.

Growing up on a farm in the swamps of the Netherlands, he learned from a young age about the interdependency of humanity with the environment. The experiences from his youth strongly affected his career choices, leading him to be trained in bridging gaps between environmental sciences, agriculture, and complex societal matters. He holds a BSc in Environmental Engineering and an MSc in Agricultural Sciences from Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Before coming to Yale Jorrit was a consultant for the World Bank in D.C. where he designed Bank wide adaptation guidelines for investment projects, co-lead a year long disruptive technology challenge for landscape restoration in the Aral Sea, and was on the core team of a large climate resilient agroforestry project in Colombia.

In his free time Jorrit likes to explore nature, learn languages, being creative and tinker with bikes or old engines.