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Alumni, Business Leaders

John Dickenson

President at Metamorphosis LLC: Products from Products™
MPPM 1988
John Dickinson.jpg

John’s life mission is to help companies convert from the linear to the circular economy. Recently he has started his own consulting and management company, Metamorphosis LLC: Products from Products™, in order to further this mission. Career-wise he has extensive experience in global operations and supply chain management principally at Apple Inc. and Lucent Technologies. In these roles he worked with product development to bring products from design and development to manufacturing on a global basis, principally with outsourced partners.

While starting in the environmental aspect of the technology industry by managing the transformation of Apple’s packaging materials with global suppliers after graduation from SOM, he later transitioned completely into the environmental impact of the electronics industry by joining the electronics recycling industry. He led the Silicon Valley-based electronics recycler, AER Worldwide, to truly become worldwide be setting up new subsidiaries and facilities in Mexico, Malaysia and Brazil. During this time he also led them to be a charter member of the United Nations Solving the E-Waste Problem group.

When electronics recycling laws started to proliferate in the Americas, he led AER to start a new subsidiary, AERCCR, to provide the first Take-back and Regulatory Compliance system for the electronics industry in the Americas. The system managed compliance for much of the computer industry.

Foreseeing that the ultimate method to increase recycling rates is to increase the demand for recycled material he started Metamorphosis LLC: Products from Products™ to help companies transition to making their products from used products rather than virgin materials.