Jessica Harpole

MBA  2020
Master of Environmental Management  2020

Jessica is a third-year joint degree candidate. She hopes to use the skills gained from these two programs to work with organizations to develop sustainable manufacturing strategies with an emphasis on water and material re-use.

During her second summer, Jessica worked within the supply chain group at Samsara, a hardware & software IoT company in San Francisco. She supported the launch of Samsara’s first sustainability initiative by calculating the supply chain carbon footprint and making recommendations for carbon offset retailers. She helped the supply chain group scale their processes and evaluated the financial liability associated with supplier contracts.

During her first summer, Jessica worked at BloomEnergy as an Organizational Development intern within their Operations group. She got to see first-hand how leaders convert critical manufacturing metrics into business decisions. As part of her internship, she evaluated how management styles and organizational structure evolve over the lifetime of a company, and she also gave recommendations on how sub-organizations could find ways towards better goal alignment.

Before attending Yale, Jessica developed extensive professional experience in the biotech manufacturing sector. Specifically, she served in process engineering roles for pharmaceutical companies and biofuel startups. She is particularly proud of her efforts starting-up a biofuel factory in São Paulo, Brazil. There, she saw first hand how expanding industries could bring economic benefits to developing economies. Moreover, she believes these benefits can be realized without unnecessary and harmful impacts on labor and the environment, even with limited government protections and lax regulatory oversight. She intends to focus on industrial ecology and sustainable manufacturing while at FES.

Jessica holds a B.Sc. in Chemical-Biological Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she also served as the captain of the Varsity Women's Swim Team.

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