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Jeff Adams

Senior Vice President at ICF International
MBA 1998
Master of Environmental Management 1998
Jeff Adams

Jeff has focused on the business of the environment within the energy sector since his time at Yale.  Today’s utility customers expect personalized choice and control. Utilities are transforming and must find new ways to engage with and reward customers for the energy choices they make.  As the Senior Vice President in charge of ICF’s Commercial Energy Customer Engagement practice, Jeff oversees the delivery of holistic but customer-centric solutions for large and complex residential, commercial, and industrial programs for electric and gas utilities.  Jeff and his team of energy experts, data scientists, technologists, marketing strategists, and customer care experts—know how to get the right message, to the right customer, at the right time and place. For decades he has helped clients harness the power of data to gain insights about the customer journey, a critical first step for utilities seeking to deepen their relevance and cultivate durable relationships.  The data driven customer engagement and the applied use of technology and digital marketing engages utility customers across their energy journey - - yielding educated, satisfied customers with reduced energy consumption that is also persistent and beneficial to the environment.