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Hassaan Sipra

Scientific Officer at COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology
Master of Environmental Management 2016
Hassaan Sipra

Hassaan is currently a Scientific Officer at COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology in Islamabad. There, he works on climate finance (Green Climate Fund), waste management, air pollution and water demand and develops project proposals to build research and implementation collaborations.

Previously, Hassaan was a Yale Law School Gruber Fellow. He worked for Lahore Waste Management Company in Pakistan, focusing on developing an integration strategy and action plan for informal waste pickers (scavengers) to be integrated into the formal waste management system. There, he worked with Urban Unit, a think tank, to develop a survey for waste pickers, middle dealers/junkshops and recycling processors to understand the situation in Lahore; highlighted financial and operational issues, and presented a plan to provide personal protection equipment, awareness training and decent work conditions in a centralized and decentralized model.
He continues to put efforts behind this by aiming to assess junkyards and provide recommendations for Model Junkyard Bye-Laws, as well as financing for retrofits.

Hassaan holds an MEM from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. While at Yale, he spent the summer of 2015 as an EDF Climate Corps Fellow for Buildings and Sustainability for the City of Palo Alto. He also holds a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Science from Westminster College.