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Fernando Herrero Sin

Co-Founder and General Manager at Morafresca SPR de RL
MBA 2014
Master of Environmental Management 2014
Fernando  Herrero Sin

Fernando Herrero Sin is a climate solutions enthusiast. He currently works as General Manager (and is the co-founder) of Morafresca SPR de RL. Fernando has professional experience in industrial and commercial sectors related to manufacturing, agribusiness, energy efficiency and clean technology deployment. His roles include positions in business development, general management, marketing and strategy. Fernando has worked in Mexico, China and the US. Fernando likes to study the factors and drivers that shape nations and the world. Particularly, he likes to explore the shifts that open-up opportunities that have a positive impact on global challenges such as poverty, hunger, water and energy scarcity, and climate change.

Early in his career, Fernando led the start-up of a manufacturing business unit and experienced first-hand the growth rate of industrial China. During his visits to Asia, he learned about the Chinese massive industrial complex as well as the financial structures that fuel it. He also spent a summer helping a solar scale-up in Shanghai. After Yale, Fernando joined an energy group in Mexico where he led the introduction of cleaner distributed energy technology. More recently, he has worked as a freelance strategy and organizational consultant for an export-geared agribusiness in rural Mexico. He also volunteers as a Climate Reality Leader.

Fernando graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de las Americas in Puebla, Mexico. He spent one year as an exchange student at the Technical University of Munich, and he focused his bachelor´s thesis on climate change solutions under the Mexican context.

Fernando considers himself a knowledgeable cinephile, enjoys playing piano, reading spiritual literature, meditating, running and traveling. His most memorable experience has been his backpacking pilgrimage in 2011, when he walked 34 days and 500 miles nonstop from the Spain-France border to Santiago de Compostela along “The Way of St. James”.  Fernando comes from Tehuacán, México, and he speaks Spanish, English and German.