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Emma Broderick

MBA 2021
Master of Environmental Management 2021
Emma Broderick

Emma is a first year joint-degree student at the Yale School of Management and the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. Interested in working at the nexus of technology, design and sustainability to redefine the way that business decisions are made and drive a shift away from our current extractive economy, Emma seeks to help launch and scale social enterprise models that harness the power of nature, and align market forces to build natural capital, and foster resilience.

Emma is coming to Yale after three years at ThoughtWorks, a global software development consultancy, where she worked across industries to design and implement custom software products to create business opportunity. Before ThoughtWorks, she worked in Kara,Togo implementing a mobile health platform in partnership with the community health workers at a local HIV/AIDS clinic, AED Lidaw. Emma grew up in Vermont and received her BS in Chemical Engineering and Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.