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Dr. Michael Dorsey

Director & Chair at Rob & Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service
Partner at IberSun North America
Master of Forest Science 1996
Dr. Michael Dorsey.jpg

Prof. Dr. Dorsey presently holds the Chair & Directorship of the Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service — the planet’s first extension service for sustainability, based in Tempe, Arizona on the campus of Arizona State University.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Yale and the Johns Hopkins University, presently Dr. Dorsey is a limited partner in the Spanish utility-scale solar concern IberSun, s.l, a JV partner in the Indian based panel manufacturer Pahal Solar and the inaugural board secretary of Black Owners of Solar Services. Dorsey is also a pre-IPO investor in the exchange traded fund (ETF), Change Finance (NYSEARCA: CHGX). As an active advisor to Change Finance, in spring 2022 Dr. Dorsey led his family office’s investment in the ETF’s $3M bridge round. (At the end of January 2023, CHGX had $113.4M AUM.)

Dr. Dorsey is a serial organization builder and leader in for-profit, non-profit, scholarly and governmental realms. In the for-profit arena, Dr. Dorsey is an active investor, as well as co-founder and principal of Around the Corner Capital—an energy advisory and impact finance platform. He is a member of the Investment Advisory Committee of the Connecticut based William C Graustein Memorial Fund.