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Advisory Board, Alumni, Visiting Mentors

Donovan Ervin

Vice President, Investment Group at Tiedemann Advisors
MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020
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Donovan Ervin (he/him) is Vice President of Impact Investments at AlTi Tiedemann Global, an investment management firm. In this role, he is helping to direct capital toward a more inclusive, just, and regenerative economy. This work aligns closely with Donovan’s professional mission: developing and supporting new markets that shift patterns of production and consumption, distribute power and ownership more democratically, and expand the definition of wealth to include individual, community, and planetary health and well-being.  

Previously, Donovan has held positions at various organizations in the social sector, ranging from K-12 education to community development to environmental justice.  

Based in Dallas, Texas, Donovan is a graduate of Yale University (MBA and Master of Environmental Management) and Stanford University (BA in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity). He is also a proud advisory board member at the Yale Center for Business & Environment. Outside work, Donovan enjoys writing, exercising, and being with his people.