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Corey Scult

Renewable Energy Investment Banking Associate at Fifth Third Securities
MBA 2018
Master of Environmental Management 2018
Corey Scult.jpg

Corey currently works as a renewable energy investment banking associate at Fifth Third Securities. Prior to working at Fifth Third, he was an associate on Encourage Capital’s water and agriculture investment team. Corey graduated from Yale in 2018 with an M.E.M. and an M.B.A.; while at Yale, his studies focused on conservation finance, with a particular emphasis on real asset investments related to ranching, agriculture, water, and fisheries. Corey spent his first grad school summer at Encourage Capital, and his second summer with the project finance team at GE Solar. Prior to entering the joint degree program, Corey worked in the Oceans Program at Earthjustice, a non-profit environmental law firm, and in marketing at Runa, a social enterprise tea company. Corey holds an A.B. in human biology and economics from Brown University.