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Chris Lewis

Founder and Principal at Lewis Analytical
Master of Environmental Management 2018
Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis helps environmental professionals research complex subjects and communicate insights to any audience, from experts to the general public. He is currently working with Michigan State University to develop a climate resilience self-assessment for Midwestern farmers, and as a co-author of qualitative studies on how American growers are managing climate threats.

Previously, he served as the editor of CBEY’s Clean Energy Finance Forum and Conservation Finance Network websites, collaborating with students and staff to produce cutting-edge, pragmatic "solutions journalism" on energy and conservation business.

As a journalist, Chris has written about economics, the environment, and international affairs for a number of publications, including The Atlantic, Harper’s, and the Miami Herald. He has also worked as a developmental editor for books by Yale faculty on the environment, business, and social science—most recently A Better Planet: Forty Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future, published in 2019 by Yale University Press.

He holds a Master’s of Environmental Management from the Yale School of the Environment, and a Bachelor’s in economics from American University. His master’s thesis focused on climate change adaptation strategies for smallholder agriculture in Rwanda.

In addition to his research and writing, Chris has worked on urban agriculture issues in Detroit, as a financial case manager for clients with chronic mental illness, and as an early childhood Spanish-immersion educator.

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