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Bridget Barnes

Associate Manager, Sustainability at Beautycounter
Master of Environmental Management 2021
Bridget Barnes.jpg

Bridget Barnes graduated a Master of Environmental Management (MEM) at the Yale School of the Environment, specializing in Energy, Business & the Environment. She is interested in corporate environmental initiatives, especially for energy transitions, sustainability, and circular economy. Bridget is a leader at the Pathways in Business and the Environment at the Center for Business and the Environment and has involvement with the Tsai City Accelerator programs. 

She hopes to decouple human development from environmental degradation by working with corporations towards a renewable energy future and sustainable operations. Prior to coming to Yale, Bridget gained experience as an environmental consultant in the food service and operations industry, where she learned the value of the business case for sustainability. Bridget also served as a high school physics and mathematics teacher, and hopes to incorporate educating the next generation in environmental issues and solutions in her future career. 

Bridget holds a B.S. in Biology and Environmental Studies & Sustainability from Merrimack College.