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Billy Marks

Founder at Billy, Inc.
MBA 2018
Billy Marks

Billy Marks is the founder of Billy, Inc., where he inspires entrepreneurs to think intentionally about their purpose, strategy, and impact. He coaches leaders through mindfulness-based and behavioral change approaches to development, engages stakeholders to identify everyone's strengths, driving values, and cultural frames of reference, and designs innovative tools, experiential workshops, interactive trainings, and consciousness-raising exercises to build new capacities and perspectives.

He received his MBA from the Yale School of Management in 2018, where he focused on human-centered design and social and environmental entrepreneurship. Prior to SOM, Billy worked in energy and infrastructure finance and then subsequently in financial compliance. He became passionate about design thinking and social entrepreneurship after volunteering for Acumen, a nonprofit impact investor, where he was inspired by the creative ways entrepreneurs around the world are tackling poverty alleviation. He's since been excited about finding ways to imbed empathy and compassion into management best practices and business models.