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Alison Thompson

Masters of Environmental Management 2024
Alison Thompson

Alison Thompson is a Master of Environmental Management Candidate (2024) at the Yale School of the Environment, studying environmental policy analysis and climate change science and solutions. Alison’s work focuses on developing relationships and researching innovative mechanisms to bridge the gap between policy and science for environmental resource management. She utilizes policy and stakeholder engagement to motivate change and implement sustainable climate solutions within vulnerable communities and ecosystems.

Before coming to YSE, Alison worked for Heal the Ocean, an environmental non-profit in Santa Barbara, California, focusing on coastal pollution and water management. As Operations and Policy Manager, Alison was responsible for policy analysis, project development, outreach, and program management. Alison managed the sea-level rise, recycled water, and pollution programs and implemented a community-based Styrofoam recycling program for the County. Alison established relationships between the private and public sector to implement climate solutions for ocean and water issues. After YSE, Alison plans to continue helping businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies develop climate solutions that support their mission and benefit their communities to protect our natural resources and achieve sustainable climate solutions.

Alison holds a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara.