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Abigail Long

Yale College 2022
Abigail Long

Abigail is a senior in Jonathan Edwards college majoring in East Asian Studies and is also an Energy Studies scholar. Her area of academic focus lies in modern Chinese environmental and economic history. During her time at Yale, she has studied abroad in Kunming, Beijing, and Taipei and has worked to advance her proficiency in Mandarin. First introduced to Yale’s environmental program through the 2018 Yale Symposium on China: Greening the Belt and Road, Abigail has continued to intellectually pursue the convergence of economics and the environment. Abigail has worked as a research intern at the Wilson Center's China Environment Forum and as a Global Markets intern at the U.S. Department of Commerce's China and Mongolia Office.

Abigail grew up in Massachusetts and spent three years living in the United Arab Emirates. Abigail enjoys baking, reading, and listening to NPR, and is also a three season varsity athlete on Yale’s cross country and track teams.