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Aaron Feng

Project Manager at Credit Suisse
Master of Environmental Management 2020
Aaron Feng

Aaron Feng is an Environment, Energy, and Sustainability Project Manager at Credit Suisse in New York. He helps the Swiss investment bank and wealth management firm develop a comprehensive global environmental strategy to achieve its ambition to become a sustainability leader.

Aaron has a diverse experience in sustainability-focused entrepreneurship and investing prior to joining Credit Suisse. Previously, he worked as a private equity analyst at the Asia Green Fund, the first bilateral environment-focused PE fund in China. Aaron’s entrepreneurship experience includes investor relations at his cofounded startup that sold biodegradable plates made from leaves, a South Asian tradition, in the North America market, as well as business development at a bike-sharing startup that aims to solve the last mile problem of public transport.

Aaron received his Master of Environmental Management (MEM) from Yale School of the Environment, where he focused on renewable energy development and sustainable finance, and he holds a Bachelor degree from Vanderbilt University.