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Sustainable Land Use

california farmland
We are supporting responsible stewardship of our planet’s resources.

From conservation to regenerative agriculture, we’re building resources that reflect a variety of perspectives on the sustainable and equitable use of land, water, and other environmental resources.

Programs and Initiatives

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WBCSD Internship Program

These internships offer students a unique opportunity to dig into the work happening at the WBCSD to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world. 

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Mentorship Opportunities


Each academic year, a cohort of professionals across different industries devote time to meet with students and discuss anything from industry trends to career advice to coursework support. Each Mentor meets one-on-one with students throughout the year. 

This year we have several alumni with experience in different aspects of sustainable land use. Reach out and connect with them!

Alumni Visiting Mentors

Tagan Engel

Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Producer at The Table Underground

Dominick Grant

Director of Investment at Dirt Capital Partners
MBA 2012
Master of Environmental Management 2012

Namrita Kapur

Lecturer in the Practice at Yale School of Management
Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
MBA 1997
Master of Environmental Management 1997

Our Stories

Sustainable Land Use Events

Nature Swagger

Connect with like-minded individuals


Kylee Chang

Master of Environmental Management 2019