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Equity and Justice

Equity and Justice
We are committed to helping change the role of business in equity and justice.

We recognize that interconnected systemic inequities have transpired from traditional business practices. We’re investigating the new models and investments we need that can shape the future toward a just and thriving world.

Programs and Research

Defining Just Transition

The term "just transition" refers to both a movement and process to transition our society from an economy that relies on fossil fuels, resource extraction, and labor exploitation to one that is decarbonized, regenerative, and that prioritizes social and ecological well-being, equity, and justice.

As part of our Beyond the Buzzwords initiative with Tsai CITY, we've given thought to this term. Have a read and watch this video about a just transition for coal communities.

Just Transition on Beyond the Buzzwords

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What is a Food Desert or Food Apartheid?

“Food Desert” is a commonly used but inadequate term coined by researchers to define areas where people have low incomes and low physical access to supermarkets. The term "Food Apartheid" more accurately describes the racist and oppressive systems that create inequitable food environments. 

As part of our Beyond the Buzzwords initiative with Tsai CITY, Food Systems and Equity Consultant and CBEY Resident Fellow Tagan Engel helps explain this term.

Have a read and let us know if you feel we are missing anything!

Food Desert/Food Apartheid on Beyond the Buzzwords

Also, watch this video from Malik Yakini, Executive Director at the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network, where he discusses food deserts, food apartheid, and food access.

Mentorship Opportunities


Connect with staff, Fellows and Alumni Visiting Mentors who are thinking deeply about the role of business in creating a just and thriving world.

Reach out and find time for a conversation!

Alumni Visiting Mentors

Tagan Engel

Resident Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment
Producer at The Table Underground

Donovan Ervin

Vice President, Investment Group at Tiedemann Advisors
MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Our Stories

Equity and Justice Events

Connect with like-minded individuals


Burr Tweedy

MBA 2020
Master of Environmental Management 2020

Ruth Metzel

Assistant Director at Global Warming Mitigation Project
MBA 2016
Master of Forestry 2016

Dylan Walsh

Master of Environmental Management 2011

Alex Healey

Investment Manager, Natural Capital team at Climate Asset Management
MBA 2023
Master of Environmental Management 2023