Clean Energy Finance Forum

Adopted by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment in 2013, the Clean Energy Finance Forum is a hub for professionals in the renewable energy sector. The centerpiece of the Forum is a biweekly newsletter with high-quality curated content and original reporting on the cutting edge of the renewables sector.

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The Clean Energy Finance Forum advances the understanding and growth of energy efficiency finance and renewable energy finance markets in the United States by providing high-quality industry news, building professional dialogue and fostering innovation.

Alongside its signature biweekly newsletter, which includes original feature articles on growing trends in the renewable sector, the Forum offers free webinars, conversations with experts in the field and breaking reports on the most important developments in energy efficiency and solar finance. The forum also trains graduate students to become experts in efficiency finance and solar finance while teaching them how to communicate their expertise to a large and diverse audience.

Created in 2012 by the Clean Energy Finance Center (CEFC), the Forum was originally called the Clean Energy Finance Source newsletter. At the end of 2013, the Yale Center for Business and the Environment took the project over and renamed it the Clean Energy Finance Forum. 

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