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“Don’t Buy This!” Building Patagonia’s Aspirational Brand

Featuring Vincent Stanley, Marketing & Communications, Patagonia

Jill Dumain,  Director of Environmental Strategy, Patagonia

Moderated by Marian Chertow, Associate Professor of Industrial Environmental Management

Patagonia has successfully built a brand synonymous with a lifestyle that many people aspire to: a more active, healthier, and greener one. What role does brand identity and marketing play for a business committed to “inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis”? Patagonia’s Cyber Monday “Don’t buy this jacket” campaign was a huge success, urging customers not to buy what they don't need and to think twice before buying anything.   

Two of Patagonia’s senior executives, Vincent Stanley and Jill Dumain, will discuss the tensions between marketing and sustainability, how the public’s reactions have influenced the direction of the brand, and the trade-offs Patagonia has addressed throughout this journey.

Below is the full recording from the event. See above for video highlights.

This event is part of the Colloquium on Sustainability Marketing. Sponsored by DEKRA, this speaker series aims to unravel and address the challenges of creating environmentally sustainable products, services and brands that customers love.


Vincent Stanley

Director of Philosophy at Patagonia

Marian Chertow

Professor of Industrial Environmental Management at Yale School of the Environment
MPPM 1981
Ph.D. in Environmental Studies