Executive Voices in Sustainability 2018:

Executive Voices in Sustainability: Manka Khanna


What brought you to Yale?

The emphasis that Yale puts on building leaders for the nexus of business and society resonates completely with the industry I work for – The energy industry. This nexus is increasingly important as the global debate on the future of energy intensifies and technology breakthroughs progress. For me, this aspect was the biggest differentiator. Yale SOM is certainly a very prestigious school and I’m excited about all that I will learn in the next 2 years.

How have you impacted sustainable practices in your career?

While the subject of sustainability plays a relatively modest role in my day to day job currently, I try to double hat as the Communications Editor for Shell Project Better World, which is a Shell volunteer driven setup with a focus on environment, climate change and community. Every year, selected volunteers get the opportunity to visit global regions with diverse eco-systems (Eg – Brazilian rainforests or Indian Himalayas) and collect data / conduct research on the impact of climate change and urbanization. As the communications editor for Project Better World, I educate Shell employees on the importance of these initiatives, learnings and findings and encourage more employees to participate.

What challenges do you see for sustainability in your industry?

The biggest question for the energy industry today is – what will the future energy mix look like? Several analysis and interpretations exist. Sustainability, for me, does not only mean more renewable / green energy but also means increasingly efficient conventional operations. Multiple Governments and organizations are aligned on the idea of having a ‘cleaner / greener world’, however, the pace of progress is questionable and depends on a wide range of drivers.

Tell us one thing about yourself that might surprise your classmates.

I am a big Bollywood movie buff! Nothing cheers me up more than a classic Indian movie.

Current Position

Firm: Royal Dutch Shell
Position: Advisor – Integrated Gas Business
Duration: 1.5 years (6 years cumulative with company)
Responsibility: Opportunity Identification and Strategy with Global National Oil Companies–largely in the upstream and Integrated Gas Business

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