Mentorship and Expert Advice

Because the intersection of business and the environment is a relatively new space, there is a lot of room for new ideas to take root. CBEY supports students interested in the creation of new nonprofit and commercial organizations, business models, or other innovations that address pressing environmental challenges. 


Various CBEY staff are available for office hours or 1-1 coaching sessions on your venture, innovative idea, career path and beyond.  Schedule time with one of our fellows, experts and mentors below.

This opportunity is open to members of the Yale Community.

CBEY Resident Fellows

CBEY Fellows have an extended presence on campus and work closely with students to accelerate innovative environmental action across campus via office hours, small group discussions and programming. 

Peter Boyd

Peter Boyd is Executive Fellow at Yale Center for Business and the Environment and Founder & CEO at Time4Good Group.


At Yale, Peter is Resident Fellow at the Center for Business and the Environment and Mentor-in-Residence at the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking. These roles include guest-lecturing on selected courses, running workshops, helping accelerate social and environmental entrepreneurship across campus, offering career advice for students, and co-hosting the Net-Zero Action Group. Outside Yale, Peter is Founder and CEO of Time4Good. Through coaching and tools, he helps leaders and their teams increase their positive impact: confirming purpose, clarifying prioritization and maximizing productivity and performance. 

For over twenty years he has worked on, led and advised, high-growth organizations on strategy, time maximization, team alignment and entrepreneurial opportunity.EndFragment He was Launch Director and COO of Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room; served as Chair of The Energy Efficiency Deployment Office for the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change; and led The B Team’s ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ initiative focussed on business encouragement for an ambitious Paris Agreement at COP21. The Charity & Government experience followed ten jobs in twelve years at the Virgin Group (including CEO of Virgin Mobile South Africa), and his first job with McKinsey & Co.

He is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland and read Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Oxford. He now lives in Westport CT, serving on the town’s Green Task Force and as warden of his local church.

To schedule a meeting with Peter, click here.


Jen Molnar

Jen Molnar is Managing Director & Lead Scientist, Center for Sustainability Science at The Nature Conservancy

At Yale, Jen meets with students interested in transformative NGO/corporate partnerships, contributes to curriculum, and has led several independent studies.


Jen Molnar is Lead Scientist at The Nature Conservancy and managing director of TNC’s new Center for Sustainability Science.  The Center seeks to scale up action and outcomes for both the environment and the economy by translating the value of nature into actionable, science-based solutions for the private and public sectors.

Jen has more than 15 years of experience using science to improve decision-making.  She is the science lead for the TNC-Dow Chemical Company collaboration, which led to Dow’s ground-breaking Valuing Nature Goal – a commitment to consider nature in all of their projects, aiming to generate $1B in economic value by 2025. She has led interdisciplinary global research teams, most recently as TNC’s Director of Science.  She is editor and a lead author of The Atlas of Global Conservation (UC Press, 2010).  Jen received a master’s degree from Yale’s School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, d serves as a board member of the Alumni Association. She has a B.S. in environmental engineering from Harvard, and previous private sector experience in hydrology and remediation.

To schedule a meeting with Jen, send her an email.


Vincent Stanley

Vincent Stanley is Director of Philosophy at Patagonia.


At Yale, Vincent recently served as a CBEY Fellow where he advises countless students on entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainable practices and beyond.  Since spring of 2015 he has been advising the CBEY 2050 Fellows, a small cross-disciplinary group that discusses issues around sustainability, business and how we can better integrate the two and achieve a more resilient society

Co-author with Yvon Chouinard of The Responsible Company, Vincent has been with Patagonia on and off since its beginning in 1973, for many of those years in key executive roles as head of sales or marketing. More informally, he is Patagonia’s long-time chief storyteller. Vincent helped develop the Footprint Chronicles, the company’s interactive website that outlines the social and environmental impact of its products; the Common Threads Partnership; and Patagonia Books. He currently serves as the company’s Director, Patagonia Philosophy. He is also a poet whose work has appeared in Best American Poetry. He and his wife, the writer Nora Gallagher, live in Santa Barbara.

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Visiting Experts

F&ES and SOM alumni visit campus and connect with students to provide insights and advice on their specific areas of expertise. 

To learn more about our 2019-2020 experts, click here.

Mentor Network

Applicants to the Climate Change Innovation Grant, Sobotka Seed Stage Grant, and Sabin Prize will be paired with mentors from the CBEY and Tsai CITY mentorship network to provide guidance on their business challenges.

For more about our mentor network, contact Ben Soltoff, Environmental Innovation Fellow at CBEY.

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