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Indigenized Energy

Energy Transformation in Native Communities  Intern


About Indigenized Energy: 

Indigenized Energy is a Native-led non-profit organization that is indigenizing — decolonizing — energy systems by directly supporting native communities in their pursuit of energy sovereignty.  Our capacity-building efforts are designed to empower tribes to develop renewable energy, resilient microgrids, and electrify their communities' pursuit of a healthy planet, energy independence, sovereignty, and hope.

The opportunity:

Indigenized Energy is currently developing a regenerative business approach that will unleash the economic and ecological benefits of renewable energy in native communities.  This approach will specifically target the planning, development, construction, and long-term management of renewable energy projects and microgrids that will enable tribes to move away from fossil fuels and toward clean, regenerative systems that promote economic, ecological, and spiritual health. This candidate selected for this position will have the opportunity to advance this effort in a manner that is aligned with their unique skills and interests.  Potential topics include the advancement of our “Tribal Energy Transformation Playbook”, the development of a business plan for a B-Corporation dedicated to supporting tribal utilities; or the design of a detailed financial model for an actual renewable energy development project that fully leverages new legislation and incentive programs created by the Inflation Reduction Act.  

The intern will report to the Indigenized Energy’s Director of Strategy, Dr. David Riley. This will be a remote internship with opportunities for on-site travel and interviews, and a planned on-site event in Montana June 24-July 2.

How to apply:

Please submit:

  • your resume
  • a cover letter (no more than 1 page) to include:
    • any relevant background/experience
    • why you believe this work is important
    • Your personal motivation for growth in pursuing this work
    • share any important identity or identities you hold. Note that this is completely optional. Examples of identities that may be important to you might include (but are not limited to): gender, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, generation, education level, cultural identity, occupation, sexuality, family structure, housing status, mental health (health status/ability), incarceration status, institution affiliation, primary language, religion, immigration status, medical history, first-generation, income/ socio-economic class, quality of education, occupation, and/or parent's education.

Please email the above directly to the Indigenized Energy Initiative at withCBEY Planetary Solutions Internship Program in Clean Energy” in the subject line. Please also copy Application deadline is 11:59 PM ET on March 27th.