Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to submit a GRE/GMAT score?

No. More information on the documents and steps required for the application process are available here.

Are there scholarships available?

We offer a few merit-based scholarships, for which you should apply during the same week that you apply to the certificate program in order to be considered. Please do not send us any financial information as part of your scholarship application; it will not be reviewed. Scholarships, if awarded, may cover up to 75% of the tuition.

The link to apply for scholarships will become available on this page when admissions open. You will be notified of any scholarship award at the time of your admissions decision.

What is the application deadline?

Admissions will close either on May 19, 2019, or when the maximum cohort size is reached, whichever occurs earlier. We encourage applicants to submit their application forms as early as possible, preferably before the priority admissions deadline on March 7, 2019.

What is the weekly time commitment?

The weekly time commitment is four to five hours per week.

How are the certificate courses delivered?

A hybrid of both online and in-person interaction, this program consists of a self-paced foundations precourse, a week on campus, and four 8-week core courses.

The in-person week, in August, will take place on Yale's campus. The core courses will be held online and a mix of self-paced and with live (synchronous) sessions. Participants will connect with peers and into class sessions using video-conferencing once per week. The foundations course is entirely self-paced and designed to be a total of 25 hours of work for participants. During the core online courses, participants are expected to spend four to five hours a week on course content.

This weekly time commitment will generally involve:

  • Up to one hour of video;
  • Two to three hours of individual or group work; and
  • One hour participating in live sessions.

You can find more information on course delivery here and read more about course content here.

Do I need to come to campus?

Yes. In order to get the most out of this experience, the on-campus week is a required activity.  

Do I need to log in to a lecture at a certain time?

You can watch the prerecorded lectures at any time and at your own pace within the week when they are assigned. However, the live sessions will require you to connect online for one hour every week. All cohort-wide live sessions will be held at noon EST on Thursdays. Some smaller group sessions may be held at different times, which will be announced based on speakers and instructors' availability.

What kind of access will I have to the teaching team?

You will participate in live sessions led by an instructor (guest expert, faculty member, or teaching fellow) every week. Some of your assignments will be graded and you will receive feedback.

Can I work ahead of the certificate's pace?

No. Modules will become accessible on Monday mornings, and participants will have a week to go through the materials and assignments. Course materials will remain accessible throughout the entire duration of the certificate to allow course participants to return to previous weeks. A notable exception to this schedule is the foundational course, which is entirely self-paced and will be accessible in its entirety from the date it opens and for the duration of the certificate. Read more about important dates here.

Is the certificate a degree?

No. The certificate is not a degree-bearing program. Participants who successfully complete the requirements of the certificate led by CBEY will receive a certificate of completion from the Yale School of Management and the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.

If you are interested in a degree program with a clean energy technology, policy, or finance focus, consider applying to one of the programs offered by the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies or the Yale School of Management.

Is the certificate credit-based?

No. At this stage you may not earn credits for this certificate.

Will I need to purchase any additional materials?

No. All of the course materials for the certificate courses will be provided on the course website. However, please note once more that the costs of transportation to New Haven and accommodation for the on-campus week are NOT included in the tuition. For additional information on tuition, costs, and payments, please refer to this page

Where can I find accommodation information for the on-campus week?

You can find information about hotels in New Haven here.

Information about Metro-North tickets from Grand Central to Union Station in New Haven can be found here.

What supporting documents should I send and where?

All supporting documentation should be submitted using the online application form that will become available on January 7, 2019 hereA list of supporting documents required for your application is also available here.

You should not send any hard or soft copies of any documents to the Yale School of Management, the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, or the Yale Center for Business and the Environment. These will neither be read nor returned. All supporting documents must be submitted through the online application form, except for the recommendation letter, which must be emailed directly from your reference to cbey.certificate@yale.edu before the application deadline.

How long should the resume be?

Your resume or cv may be up to three pages, but we encourage brevity. 

Once I submit my application, how quickly can I receive an admission decision?  

It depends. If you apply prior to the priority deadline on March 7, 2019, and are admitted to the program, you will receive an admissions decision by March 15, 2019. If you apply after the priority admissions deadline, and in any event, all admissions and scholarships decisions will be announced by May 26, 2019 at 11:59 pm.

What does it mean to be on a waitlist?

Candidates who successfully completed an application online before May 19, 2019, and who would have been accepted into the program if not for the cohort reaching its maximum size will be placed on a waitlist. Candidates that have been placed on a waitlist will be notified if a spot becomes available prior to the start of the on-campus week. If you are on the waitlist, no further action is required from you at this time.

How do I talk about this with my employer? 

We encourage you to inquire with your employer whether training and professional development funds may be applied to finance this program. You can use the sample email below to start the conversation.File Sample email for your employer

Can I get a reminder that the admissions will open?

Yes. Visit this page and click on the stay updated button to receive updates from the program.