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Financing and Deploying Clean Energy Certificate Program

Core Courses Structure

Core Courses, starting with the Clean Energy Policy Course in August, are all organized into "modules." A module is a week's worth of course material.

Typical Week

Modules become accessible on Monday mornings, and participants have a week to go through the materials and assignments. Course materials remain accessible throughout the entire duration of the certificate to allow course participants to return to previous weeks. 

Each weekly module generally requires:

  • Watching one to two hours of recorded multimedia;
  • Spending two to three hours working, individually or in groups, on assignments and readings; and
  • Participating in a one-hour long virtual classroom.

Recorded multimedia may be video lectures; interviews; audio files; or other types of media.

Assignments may include reading of academic or grey literature; qualitative and quantitative problem sets and quizzes;​ weekly writing assignments responding to prompts from videos or debating topics with peers on an online forum; and longer graded writing or modeling projects.

Where assignments are given to a group, course participants will have to coordinate with their teammates using whatever communication method they prefer to deliver it on time. The grade the group receives will be shared among team members.

Participants may also elect to take part in optional office hours held by teaching assistants or faculty members and to attend online events hosted by the Yale clean energy community that the FDCE cohort is invited to. 

Student writing closeup

Live Online Sessions

Weekly live sessions are mandatory and held through Zoom. Zoom is a webinar-hosting and online meeting tool. A live session may be a lecture from Yale faculty, a Q&A on homework, a webinar presentation with a guest expert, or even a small group discussion during office hours.

All cohort-wide live sessions are held from noon to 1 p.m. EST on Thursdays except for Thanksgiving Week. Some smaller group sessions such as optional office hours may be held at different times, which are announced based on speakers' and instructors' availability.

All live sessions, whether weekly mandatory sessions or optional office hours are recorded and posted on Canvas for the cohort to refer to.

Learn about core courses content here.