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CarbonSim: EDF’s carbon market simulation tool

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Friday January 25, 2019, 12:00 p.m. — 3:00 p.m.
Sage Hall, Bowers Auditorium
205 Prospect Street
New Haven, CT 06511

Join us for a session of CarbonSim -- a fun, Artificial Intelligence-enhanced, multi-lingual, multi-user, carbon trading simulation game.

CarbonSim brings markets to life, teaches the principles of emissions trading, demystifies how to develop and implement a carbon portfolio management strategy, and demonstrates that results are driven by design. In this three-hour session, you’ll play a round, collaborate with your peers, and maybe win a prize. Best of all, you’ll see why emissions trading system stakeholders are excited about how this cutting edge simulation tool is helping them to better understand, appreciate the limits of, and advocate for environmental markets.

CarbonSim has been road tested by 3000 ETS stakeholders from 30 countries. Care to take it for a spin? More info can be found here.

This session will be led by Joshua Margolis, Managing Director of Environmental Markets, Climate Program at the Environmental Defense Fund.  

This experiential learning session will be exciting, fun, and competitive - and there will be prizes for the first, second, and third place teams!

Lunch will be served.