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Yale GreenLight Workshop: Zurich Insurance Group

Yale GreenLight Workshop: Zurich Insurance Group

Financial services and flood resilience with Zurich Insurance Group

How can financial services firms apply expertise in insuring against complex risks to the environmental challenges of this century?

The GreenLight team is hosting Linda Freiner from insurance giant Zurich Insurance Group for a fast-paced innovation workshop on a pressing question at the intersection of business and sustainability. We’re seeking creative thinkers from around the Yale community to think about how Zurich can incorporate its community engagement work with flood resiliency into its core insurance business. Have an interest in water, risk management, financial services, sustainability, or design thinking? Join us on March 4th from 10-2. Bring your ideas, we’ll bring lunch.

Who will participate?: A multidisciplinary team of students and faculty from around the Yale community.

How can I participate?: Interested participants must:

  • Be excited about attending and actively participating for the entire event
  • Commit to carefully reviewing a set of preparation materials distributed in advance
  • Register by clicking on the button below and filling out the form
  • Email any questions about the session to Eitan Hochster ( and Robert Kimball (

Space is limited – register today!

What is GreenLight?

GreenLight is a series of innovation workshops hosted by the Yale Center for Business and the Environment. These fast-paced, interactive workshops are designed to help Yale students practice and learn rapid ideation techniques, while helping leading companies and organizations tap into the creative thinking of a multidisciplinary team of students.