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Water & Energy: Synergies

Are you an energy efficiency program manager seeking new partners to retrofit homes? Are you a utility looking for ways to increase customer participation in efficiency and conservation programs? Do you want a better understanding of how water and energy systems are connected?

We all know that saving water saves energy. And that saving energy saves water. But how do we bring these synergies into practice? Tune into Blueprint for Efficiency’s water-energy miniseries to learn about cross-sector collaboration and technologies that are moving us from the concept of the nexus to integrated solutions.

Motivated by the severe drought in the West and the observation that water use accounts for 20% of energy consumption in California, utilities and private companies around the US are beginning to implement smart efficiency practices that save water and energy. In this webinar, Dr. Katrina Jessoe will discuss how the new UC Davis Center for Water-Energy Efficiency is advancing integrated water-energy management. She will share her current work studying the effect of behavioral and incentive-based conservation programs on residential water and natural gas savings. Her research partnership with the Southern California Gas, Burbank Water and Power, and the home water report company WaterSmart will provide insights on the cost-effectiveness of achieving energy efficiency through water savings. Join us to learn more about how to leverage interactions between energy and water efficiency programs. 


Katrina Jessoe

Associate Professor at UC Davis Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
PhD in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics 2009