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Unlocking the energy efficiency market: How better financing, smart technology, and aggressive entrepreneurship can make it happen

Energy efficiency is a true win-win for business and the environment. Scalable deployment of efficient building technologies has the potential to become a $500B+ U.S. market and drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The single biggest barrier to unlocking this market is financing, an aspect of efficiency that is lagging almost a decade behind solar. We are in the midst of an exciting evolution in which both new start-ups and established players are bringing a new kind of finance to bear—one that uses cutting-edge technology, web-based applications, and streamlined business processes to get low-cost capital into efficiency projects both small and large. In this talk, Joe Indvik will present a status report from the front lines. He’ll talk about how his startup SparkFund is unlocking the small project market, relay some key lessons learned, and issue a challenge for aspiring innovators who want to save the world with energy efficiency.


Joe Indvik

Head of Clean Energy Finance & Carbon Solutions at RE Tech Advisors