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Transportation ESCOs: Increasing Adoption of Electric Vehicle Fleets

This webinar will explore the potential of ESCO business models to accelerate integration and adoption of electric vehicles into fleet operations. An ESCO is a business that designs, finances, and implements energy efficiency improvements. The ESCO model is widely used in building efficiency projects but has only recently been applied to EV fleet conversions. ESCO services facilitate the implementation of energy efficiency projects by eliminating barriers to implementation such a lack of experience or high up-front costs.

Justine Sears and Jennifer Wallace-Brodeur of VEIC's Transportation Efficiency division will discuss the business case for EV conversions using ESCO-style financing and why it is promising. Preliminary findings suggest there are sufficient financial benefits to support a T-ESCO model. They will also discuss the fundamental services associated with the success of a T-ESCO.

The webinar will address challenges to the T-ESCO model, such as reliance on short-term savings captured from right-sizing fleets and lower costs resulting from vehicle incentives, as well as the influence of exogenous variables, such as higher fuel prices. Finally, the webinar will explore opportunities for small-medium size businesses to monetize GHG emissions in a way that could generate revenue for a T-ESCO.


Justine Sears

Consultant at Vermont Energy Investment Corporation