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The Next Level of Energy Efficiency: Challenges Ahead, New Tools & Opportunities, & Updated Policy Framework

The urgency of addressing climate change and the evolving electric grid require a "next level of energy efficiency" to mobilize energy savings that go beyond historical practice and integrate with a grid characterized by high levels of intermittent resources. This webinar will describe Stanford University's research project on this next generation of efficiency. It will outline five specific challenges ahead that must be overcome - increasing the magnitude of savings; diversifying energy efficiency resources; measuring and ensuring the persistence of energy efficiency savings; integrating energy efficiency savings with a carbon reduction framework; and understanding and valuing energy efficiency as part of an evolving grid. Ms. Grueneich will then discuss her research to address these challenges by harnessing new tools and opportunities, an updated policy framework, and market forces.

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Dian Grueneich

Commissioner Emeritus at California Public Utilities Commission