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The Life of a Tree: A Social Enterprise Market (1% for the Planet)

You won’t want to miss this! Come join for an evening market where you can meet the founders of 10 New England social enterprises (including 5 Yale Startups – Hugo & Hoby, Walden Hill, Tuckerman & Co., Kitchen Table Kits, and Solar Youth). Each of these amazing startups uses every part of a tree – from the nuts, sap, fruit, water, and timber – to make sustainable products in New England. The evening market will give you the opportunity to meet the founders, sample delicious food, beer, and beverages, purchase product, and hear the stories of how these companies work to make our planet a better place to live.


  • Hugo & Hoby: Locally crafted, sustainable furniture and home furnishings.
  • Asarasi: Tree filtered sparkling water from sugar maple trees in New England.
  • Walden Hill: Using acorns from New England oak trees to raise acorn-fed hogs served in restaurants across the region.
  • City Bench: Using storm-downed urban trees to make unique, handcrafted furniture in New Haven.
  • Caseus Fromagerie: One of New Haven's best restaurants - serving a delicious Walden Hill pork dish.
  • Black Hog Brewing: Some of the best beer in the region. Sampling a variety of ales, stouts, and IPA's.
  • Kitchen Table Kits: Delicious, plant-based frozen meal kits.
  • Sap! Sparkling beverages flavored with the sap from Vermont maple trees.
  • Tuckerman & Co. Sustainable dress shirts made locally from organic cotton.
  • Solar Youth: A non-profit organization providing urban environmental education opportunities and empowering youth from New Haven’s low income neighborhoods to achieve lifelong success.